Who We Are

We provide complete solution from identifying appropriate GPS devices (portable / fixed) provider specific to your cargo along with web portal & mobile application for customers to monitor vehicle movement. We also do 24X7 tracking of vehicle, real time monitoring and escalation of alerts , coordinating with local police in case of hijack, transporters & drivers performance analysis, generating various kinds of reports like trip summary report ,halt report , harsh braking & over speeding report etc.

Vehicle Tracking

Market hired vehicle tracking, now instantly from dispatch location until destination on driver's sim with 24x7 inhouse tracking team

Market hired or own fleet- trip based service

Updated GPS device as per govt norms fo market hired or own fleet- trip based service

Smart app pased logistics tracking for boasting effecieny and commercial TAT

RFID/GPS based monitoring system

Alerts on tampering/deviation for theft prone cargo with on ground support

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Container Tracking

Know when & where the vehicle door is open

Real time updates of containers

Know when & where the container door is open

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Rake/Wagon Tracking

Rake tracking on solar power

Track your rake with rain forecast alerts at destuffing locations

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Temperature Sensitive Cargo

Monitoring of Temperature sensitive cargo in transit

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Fuel Monitoring

Monitor your fleet for commercial gains

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Dry Bulk Cargo

Record keeping of bulk cargo movement INLAND transit

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Courier Parcel Tracking

Monitoring to curb skilful pilferage

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Reverse Logistics

Arrange reversal of portable devices/ dunnage/ securing apparatus etc

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Inspect My Route

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Customised Services

a) Minimize your losses

b) Provide effeciency in your transportation.

c) Purely cutomised value additions

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